Heather Johnson-Hill

About us

We are a consultative team of practitioners in Nottingham, who have a wide range of knowledge and experience in counselling, psychology and psychotherapy. We have extensive experience of working with individuals, couples and groups.

We provide supervision to trainee and qualified therapists. We also work with both large and small organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Our approach

We have practitioners from a variety different therapeutic backgrounds. We see people as clients inhabiting unique personal worlds - not as patients with standard diseases for which there are standard treatments.

We use a synthesis of processes that we have found effective. That means we can tailor our work to individuals' needs and do not have to follow one orientation to the exclusion of others.

We align our work with what clients want to achieve. Read more »»


Just like doctors, communication between us is confidential. We do discuss some cases with professional colleagues, but always in the context of work and with your permission. Read more »»

Ways to engage in therapy


For those clients seeking to minimise close physical contact in order to to reduce the risk of transmitting the covid virus, we offer the option of online therapy sessions.


Because of the pandemic, in-person counselling has been suspended but most people are finding that the transition from traditional therapy to online is much easier than expected.

SMS messaging and phone

If you are not able to access the internet but do have access to a telephone, you can speak with a therapist initially via phone and then use a combination of voice messaging options therafter.

Our services

Individual therapy

Confidential counselling, psychotherapy and stress management for private individuals and couples.

Group therapy

Group therapy offers you the chance to share and discover common experiences with others.

Business workshops

We provide hosting and support to offsite business planning workshops and retreats.


Organisational consulting and employee assistance programmes to local companies.