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The Department of Health estimates that in the UK, 270,000 people each day are absent from work due to workplace stress. This could result in as many as six billion working days lost per year. Stress is now regarded as the biggest occupational health problem and employers who ignore stress face legal action.

The cost of stress to UK industry was more than £4billion in 2002. There has been a 70% increase in the last year alone in stress related claims against employers. New government legislation now requires companies to be accountable for the well being of their workforce and minimise stress. Research has found that stress has overtaken the common cold as the major reason for absence from work.

The CBI estimates that in the UK 360 million working days are lost each year through illness. The Health and Safety Executive calculates that at least 50% of these lost days are attributed in some way to stress, and that the cost to British industry is over 11 billion pounds a year.

Employers have a legal responsibility for the mental and physical health and safety of their staff. The 1995 Health & Safety at work directive stipulates that organisations care for the psychological as well as the physical health of employees. The TUC are seeking compensation for stress in hundreds of individual cases.

A survey of 4500 randomly selected members of the Institute of Directors showed that:

  • 40% believed stress was a major problem in their organisation.
  • 90% believed working practices could be affecting levels of stress.

What we can do to help you

Crescent Counselling & Psychotherapy offers professional support services to help you reduce stress amongst your employees. We can help your business manage the problems of stress, providing you with professional and personal support services including an employee assistance program.

We offer individual face-to-face counselling, short or long-term crisis work, and group sessions. Our unique mix of qualified and skilled counsellors offer particular expertise in stress management and coping with change.

You know that the key to any successful company is its people. The full potential of an organisation’s people is best released through involvement, shared values and a culture of trust and empowerment. We can help you achieve this.