What you can expect from counselling

Help and advice

A more satisfying and resourceful way of living.

A more effective way to handle stress.

Empathetic support

A supportive relationship in times of crisis.

A safe place to express suppressed emotions.


A safe and confidential environment in which to discuss problems and explore areas of personal growth.

Positive outcome

Increased self-esteem, confidence and assertiveness.

More positive outlook and a healthier lifestyle.

How is Counselling different from Pschotherapy?


Counselling mainly helps people to heal themselves. By caring, listening and prompting, our counsellors enable our clients to gain a clearer understanding of their situation. Counselling mostly revolves around a single problem - like bereavement or an illness.


Psychotherapy goes a bit deeper taking a fuller account of the past in explaining and changing unwanted behaviour, and in changing negative thinking. Counselling is often used in some phases of psychotherapy work.

Through exploration of the past, psychotherapy expands possibilities, finding here-and-now solutions for a more effective and satisfying life, resulting in personal growth.