Step 1. Call us and let us know what problems you are experiencing

We will arrange then an appointment for you to see a therapist for an exploratory session

Step 2. Work with us to devise your personalised therapy plan

Our therapist will help you decide on a plan to address your problems. It will either be short-term therapy focussed on a particular issue, or longer term therapy, for more in-depth work.

Step 3. Consider your options

Our therapist will guide you through various options and will clarify yor preferred method, the duration and frequency of the therapy sessions, our fees, confidentiality and other issues.

Step 4. Decide

There will be several approaches available and the way we will work together is determined by your needs and preferences. Our therapist will adapt to your needs, and different ways of working will be integrated in order to suit you.

Step 5. Get started

You can change or stop at any time. Most people attend therapy once a week and each session lasts 50 minutes. There is, of course, no obligation to continue after the first exploratory session, and you may terminate at any time. It is often hard to estimate how long the therapy will take. It is best to be as flexible as possible. We can provide short fixed-term therapy as well as long-term therapy, where the ending can be arrived at gradually and by mutual agreement.

We believe that starting psychotherapy means, above all, beginning a relationship, so our qualities and experiences will most likely matter more to you in the long run than our formal qualifications. Feel free to to check out our life experiences that may be relevant to your issues as well as how, and with whom, we trained. You'll find out that we are fully capable of relating to your problems and issues.