All counsellors and psychotherapists, regardless of experience, need supervision


Most professional bodies in the UK such as the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy require therapist to work under supervision. Supervision is a professional service where the supervisor ( a more ‘seasoned’ and experienced practitioner) acts as a consultant to a therapist. This involves reviewing their work, their professional development, and often their personal development as well.

It is in the interests of both clients and therapists. Therapists enhance their skill and ability by receiving insights from other therapists and feedback about their general approach with clients. Clients benefit through the involvement of an impartial third party with a different perspective. (Overall client confidentiality is safeguarded because information shared in supervision is itself protected under a contract of confidentiality and not shared outside the supervision relationship).

Crescent Counselling and Psychotherapy has very experienced therapists, committed to sharing best practice with other health professionals, be they trainees or seasoned practioners.

For Trainees

We offer ongoing supervision and mentoring as well as “one off” practitioner consultations. We can help you reflect on your individual client work, your overall therapeutic practice and your continuing professional development. In a supportive atmosphere, we help you to review your caseload and your own reactions to your work with clients. Perhaps you would value the opportunity to explore any of the following:

  • Your challenges and dilemmas. How you feel about your clients. How the work leaves you feeling
  • Individual cases. How you feel you are progressing with them.
  • Your personal development. If you are feeling “stuck” or conflicted professionally and wondering about your next step.

For experienced Therapists

We offer consultative supervision. We know that as an experienced psychotherapist, you are more often looking for an extension to your existing knowledge base and new perspectives to enhance your current client work – both theoretically and in terms of techniques / therapeutic strategies.

Our approach, therefore, takes the form of a dialogue between peers, and creates an opportunity to refine and extend clinical practice.