Have you tried going offsite for a workshop or planning session?

A different environment, without the innevitable everyday interruptions, can often produce a more fruitful result.

The value of such business 'retreats' is that they remove the team from outside distractions for a sufficient length of time to enable them to contemplate strategic and governance issues, including the team's own development.

Business retreats help to solidify a leadership or management team and enhance its effectiveness by giving members time to get to know each other and to do long range or strategic planning for the organisation. A regular dedicated time spent at a corporate retreat off-site and away from distractions should be considered essential.

Our venue is ideal

Our venue, wth its large, spacious rooms and attractive gardens, is ideal for such meetings up to 16 people. Our very large "Yellow room" is ideal for general sessions, and we have four "break-away" rooms for syndicate work. Click here to see pictures of the rooms.

The large reception area and extensive gardens may also be used, and naturally, we can provide refreshments, buffet lunch if required, and the usual range of conference stationery etc.